Elena's Story


Growing up, I had zero interest in exercise or sport. Fast forward to college. I was a noodle eating, coach potato-ing, binge drinker whose only exercise was getting down on the dance floor. This couldn't last. I did what any person my age would do and consulted Google to find the answers. I threw away the noodles and somehow managed to turn my life around.

Four years ago I joined an average gym and I began to eat a well balanced diet. I became part of the #irishfitfam movement. The diet part is still going well but after one year in the average gym with my own basic programming, I was completely and utterly bored. I found myself dreading doing the same repetitive training, so I started going less and less. I returned to my old friend Google to find a solution. This was where I first discovered CrossFit.

I had never heard of CrossFit before, and to be quite honest, it looked pretty crazy and intense. But what was really inspiring was the community which bloomed within each box. I wanted to be part of this.

A CrossFit Fianna party with Coaches Grant, Georgia and Hugo as well as members Joey and Emma

A CrossFit Fianna party with Coaches Grant, Georgia and Hugo as well as members Joey and Emma


Meanwhile, I was going through some big changes. I had just finished my thesis and exams, got my first real person job, said goodbye to my college friends who lived in other parts of the country, and moved in with complete strangers closer to the city.

This was when I discovered Crossfit Fianna and everything the Fianna family had to offer. I was pretty nervous when I started as I’m an introverted person. But the combination of excellent programming, small classes and light-hearted, non-judgemental atmosphere quickly made me feel at ease, and (queue the cheese) at home.

Everyone starts at their own strength and pace. All of the workouts are scaled to your ability so that you're working just as hard as the person training next to you, regardless of their gender or crossfit history.

I loved training again, and, as cliché as it sounds, I enjoyed finishing or starting my day in the box (even those 6.30am morning classes).  The coaches and the other members are always there to motivate and support you through those final reps. We’re not just confined to the box either; hikes, climbing and beer fridays are always on the agenda and you are guaranteed to have a laugh.

My first competition with my CrossFit sister Georgia. 

My first competition with my CrossFit sister Georgia. 

I have had many firsts in Fianna; first handstand, first double under, first competition with my crossfit sister, and I know I’ll continue to have many more. Being part of Fianna has opened up opportunities for me which I had no idea were personally or physically possible. My attitude towards training has changed from repetitive average gym movements for shape, to fun, total body workouts for fitness, and much, much more.

But to me, Crossfit Fianna means far more than just fitness. Not only have I watched my confidence grow and learned that balance is key, I’ve become happier with myself, my body and my life. I have collected so many positive memories and life experiences by surrounding myself with the most supportive and motivating people.