Power Cleam

Warm up with to about 65-70% of your max and then complete:

3 reps EMOM x 10min.

*Shouldn't be super hard, but not easy either.

*All power reps with emphasis on form. Shoot for touch and goe reps. Keep your hook grip.


Every 3min. x 6 Rounds:
10 Jerks 50/35
10 Toes-To-Bar
10 Hang Power Cleans 50/35
10 Push-Ups

RX+ is adding 1 rep each round to each movement. So round 2 would be 11 of everything... Then 12... And so on...

NO QUITTING. Once you can not finish the 13 set for example, just go back to 10s immediately and finish.We've done this style a few times, but never this combo. If you think you may need 60/40 then go for it.