Back Squat

(Week 3 of 4 )

5 x 75%
3 x 85%
Shoot for new 1RM!

SUPERSET with; (Should get about 7-8 sets of squats in before you hit the actual 1RM, including the bar. Try and make 4-5 of those include the KB Swings.)

15-20 Heavy Russian KB Swings. They should actually help you if you're doing them right. Get a good hip hinge and explode. Squeeze glutes at the top!


3min. AMRAP:
2 Thrusters 40/25
4 Burpees
6 Pull-Ups

Rest 90sec. x 4 Rounds:

Round 2: 50/35
Round 3: 60/40
Round 4: 70/45

Start where you left off for scoring. Get ready to change those weights quick! 

RX+ 2 Muscle Ups instead of pull-ups (bar or ring)