Back Rack Lunge

20min. Superset section:

10 Reps out of the rack (L+R=2)
immediately into;
10 Hip Thrusts
Rest 90sec. After Each Set

*Advanced can use a plate for an elevated front foot
*Keep doing sets until the clock runs out. Climbing in weight is fine.


15min AMRAP:
50 Cal Bike
40 Front Squats 35/25
30 Front Squats 40/30
Then, max rounds in remaining time...
12 Alt. DB Snatch
  8 Toes-To-Bar

You only do the 50,40,30 section 1 time and then it's an AMRAP of JUST the DB Snatches and TTB.

Score is just rounds and reps of DB Snatches and TTB.