20min. EMOM:
Odd: 15 Wall Balls 
Even: 10 power Snatches x 2 Rounds

8 power Snatches x 2 Rounds
6 power Snatches x 2 Rounds
4 power Snatches x 2 Rounds
2 Power Snatch x 2 Rounds

*Picking an RX Keep the 10 and 8 sets light enough to feel that conditioning, but you're still done in about 30sec. Then, start putting some heavy stuff on and pushing the envelope. The 15 Wall Balls really shouldn't be an issue at all for anyone. If you want to scale, consider picking 1 weight and doing 5 reps each time working on technique. You can even make it 20 wall balls in conjunction with that and really make it spicy.


10min. To get as far as possible...
 KB Swings 
*10 HSPUs after Each Set