5min. running clock...

5 Bench Press (Heavy as possible)
immediately into;
300m Row (Hard as possible)
Rest 90sec.

*After 3 Rounds start doing 3 reps
*After 5 Rounds start doing 1 rep (95%+ attempts)
*Get as many rounds as you can. Should get between 6-8 rounds

Score is heaviest bench. Try and stay within 5sec. of all rows if you can.


Spend the next 10-15min. do this little bodybuilding circuit:

3 Working Sets:
Max Rep DB IBench Press
immediately into;
8-10 DB Bent Over Rows
Rest 90sec. Between Sets
*(2-3 sec. eccentrics on all reps)

Looking for about 10-15 reps on the DB bench press so pick something appropriate. On the rows go as heavy as possible also.

Accessory Work

That's a lot of time but if you're still looking for a little more today then grab a buddy and do some weighted partner planks.