Friday 23/11/18


Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
10 Pull-Ups
3 Thrusters (climbing)
immediately into;
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
8 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
2 Thrusters (climbing)
Every 2min. x 4 Rounds:
3 Muscle Ups
1 Thruster (climbing)

*This is a great day to practice your Kip or Butterfly since the #'s are so low. Scaling can be 10/8/6 with just pull-ups the whole time. Try to hit a Max Thruster by the end.


For Time:
100 Alt. DB Snatches 
50 Alt. DB Power Cleans 
*Every 2min. you must do 10 burpees
Time CAP: 16min