I Am Too Unfit to Do CrossFit

CrossFit has gained many misconceptions over the years. A popular one is thinking you are not fit enough to start and will struggle to keep up in class if you do.

But when people realise CrossFit is for them, regardless of their current fitness levels, they begin on a road to a happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and more balanced lifestyle.

One of our members (Nicky) Joined us well over a year ago now. Nicky was dragged down to the gym by one of her friends and a great member of ours.

Coming into the gym, suffering from anxiety, weight issues and low productivity in work. You could see she was very nervous when she came in for her first session and seeing fit people mincing around (l think most of us can admit, gyms can be a pretty daunting place at first glance, even for the seasoned gym goers) but those nerves were put to rest by the smiling faces coming up to say Hi.

Going into NIcky’s first session was a struggle for her, but she was helped all the way through by our dedicated coaches. Some exercises and movements weren’t possible so we had to adapt.

A push up wasn’t possible so we scaled the movement to a box push up.

A 400 meter run wasn’t possible so we scaled the movement to a 200 meter light jog.

A body weight back squat wasn’t possible so we scaled the movement to a light barbell squat.

All of this was done in class, along side members completing more advanced movements.

As time progressed and Nicky got fitter, we pushed the boat out on the movement and weights.

And over time those box push ups turned into push ups.

That 200 meter light jog turned into a 400 meter run.

That light barbell squat turned into a body weight back squat.

And most importantly as these movements improved and her fitness levels crept up, those anxiety issues, weight issues, and low productivity started to go down.

I am not going to lie, the road to a healthy, balanced, lifestyle won’t always be easy, it will probably hurt and you will experience your fair share of knock backs but if you just keep showing up and you are willing to put in the work, then we will take care of the rest!

You can read Nicky’s full story on the link below.



Coach Grant