Push Press (Week 3 of 4 )

After a few warm up sets complete:

Set 1) 5 x 75%
Set 2) 3 x 85%
Set 3) Attempt a new 1 rep max!

Dip and push HARD. Squeeze those glutes and quads! NO dipping under the bar while the bar is traveling up!

**SUPERSET is optional today because it's max day but.... If you like;

10-12 Lateral DB Raises
10-12 DB Shrugs

Rest 90sec-2min. sec Between Sets


2min. AMRAP:
10 Cal Assault Bike SPRINT
5 Devil Press
Max Toes-To-Bar in remaining time

Rest 1min. x 5 Rounds

*Score is Toes-To-Bar only
*I really want you to move quick! You should have about a minute on the TTB, so if you don't, scale a few things back.
We rarely quick pieces, so put out!