Monday 23rd July - CrossFit Fianna

Every 4min. x 3 Rounds:
5 Front Squats (40/50/60%)

2min. Cals on the Rower

*Your deload week of front squat numbers are factored into this. Pace and try to get all 3 intervals to be within 5 cals of each other. Set 1 is 40%. Set 2 is 50%. Set 3 is 60%. Percentages are based off of your 1RM. Score is your worst set of Cals. You may share racks or clean it off the floor if your numbers aren't that high. Try and hit this at 90%+ effort!

15min. AMRAP:
8 OH Lunges 40/25 reverse
8 Lateral Burpees Over The bar 8 OH Lunges 40/25 reverse
8 Toes-To-Bar