Saturday 20/10/18


15min. AMRAP:
2 rounds of:
  32 db lunges 
  32 toes-to-bar
  16 db power cleans (2 dbs) 
Then, 2 rounds of:
  32 alt. db snatches 
  16 muscle-ups
  16 db power cleans (2dbs)

Rest 5min.

Can you finish this in 15min?
5 Rounds:
30 Wall Balls
30 SDHP's (50/35)

*Teams of 2: Only 1 Person works at a time
*Scale for muscle up = 32 push-ups
*If you finish the whole piece on part 1, start over and keep going. This is actually very similar to the open WOD 17.2 last year, but I added snatches.

Monday 20/08/18


Back Squat (20 rep max )

This is the last week of the 20 rep squat! Build up to a heavy single or double and then go for broke! This should be your heaviest attempt.


For Time:
100 Alt. DB Snatches 
*EMOM complete 10 Wall Balls 
*START with wall balls
CAP: 15min.
All reps must hit the ground. These are not hang snatches

Wod 08/08/18


5 Rounds:
3 Power Cleans (climbing)
20sec. transition to:
3 Bench Press (climbing)
20sec. transition to:
20/15 Cal Assault Bike Sprint!

*Rest 2min. After each set

I really need you to go hard on those lifts. Start with something that's challenging right away and keep climbing. I need all the reps to be unbroken, but if you do happen to break, then still finish the left over reps anyway. Team up with a few other people who share the same (ish) weights.


Metcon 10min.

Odd: Max Toes-To-Bar
Even: Max Russian KB Swings 28/24

Abburner for the metcon today. Try and stop at about 45sec. so you don't burn out too early