Why Nutrition trumps training. (WOD 25/07/18)

Telling yourself that looking good naked isn't a factor of your fitness that you are only kidding yourself.

Sometimes we may not like to be outspoken about it but it's a huge factor in why we exercise.

The Aesthetically pleasing bodies we seek, happen 80% out of the gym and 20% in the gym. (I basically just said your gym membership and ours included, only counts to 1/5 of the battle).

The 80% I am talking about is Nutrition and is the base for everything we Aestically aim for, without it, you are just spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast.

The CrossFit prescription pyramid for health defines this well.



To give you a crash start on the basics, keep this in mind next time you eat out or do a food shop.



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Kind of chief

3min. Amrap:
3 Snatches @50% 6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats

REST 2min. X 5 Rounds

Round 2 is 3 reps at 60% Round 3 is 2 reps at 70% Round 4 is 2 reps at 80% Round 5 is 1 rep at 90%

Accessory Work
Metcon (No time) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Strict HSPUs and Stict Pull-Ups