Metcon (Weight)

5 Rounds:
Min. 1) 6-8 Bench Press
Min. 2) 20/15 Cal bike
Min. 3) Max Russian Twists with DB
Min. 4) REST

On the bench press, shoot for a weight you can repeat, but is still tough.

Everyone will probably be choosing different weights and that's fine. I

*You're welcome to switch today up with some dumbbells if you like :)

Accessory Work

DB Bent Over Row ladder:
10 reps on the right
10 reps on the left
9 reps on the right
9 reps on the left
... All the way to 1 on each side

*If you do this right, it should take about 10min. Pause for 1sec. at the top of each rep and bring it down in about 2-3 sec.
* Today is also a good day to throw some bicep curls or skull crushers in there if you like. 3 x 12s