Don't be afraid to choose this class as everything can be scaled to each individual's ability so no experience is necessary! CrossFit is constantly varied meaning we do Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Running, Rowing, Strongman, basically anything as long as it's functional. 

Functional movements are movements that we use in our daily life like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, push ups, burpees and running to name a few. They typically involve multiple joints and are the most efficient way to move large loads long distances quickly.

These classes are high intensity meaning that as long as we can maintain good technique, we do all of these movements as quickly or as heavy as possible . We always ensure people are moving well before we let them move faster or lift more weight. By training at a high intensity we reap the most health benefits by forcing our body to adapt. 

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Nutrition is a key component to any health and fitness plan. You have probably heard the saying ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’. When it comes to body composition, it is 20% gym based and 80% nutrition based.

Nutrition should be a life long goal and in order to do that we need to keep is as simple as possible (K.I.S.S = keep it simple stupid). Our nutrition plans are easy to follow to allow you to have realistic life long results.

It is important that we track our progress regularly in order for us to know that we are moving in the right direction and thats why we have invested heavily into our state of the art body composition scanner. This scanner give you really great information of what your body is made up of as well and some clear health markers. We recommend our members get scanned once a month.